The Foundation for Cultural Heritage and Art Research in Tokyo, JAPAN

We need your help to save Japan's precious cultural heritage!

The Foundation for Cultural Heritage and Art Research," a non-profit organization in Tokyo, is looking for donors to help save the artifacts and architecture of Japanese precious cultural heritage that were severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.

The foundation, established in 1988, has long worked toward preserving Japanese cultural heritage, including pieces owned by foreign museums. It has also financially contributed toward the preservation of World cultural heritage sites like Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Dunghuang in China. The foundation has also helped recover important archives in Indonesia when the country was hit by a catastrophic earthquake in 2004.

The following is a message from Prof. Ryohei Miyata, President of the foundation.

"As President of the foundation, I will be most grateful for any generous donation that goes toward restoring the important cultural heritage in Eastern Japan hit by the earthquake and tsunami. Even though the Japanese people are accustomed to dealing with natural disasters, we have probably not experienced an earthquake of such size (9.0 magnitude) since the year 864. Under these extraordinary circumstances, I hope you understand that your generous support to save our precious cultural heritage will be deeply appreciated. To save these invaluable treasures in Japan is to pass our indigenous spirit on to our children and give hope to the inhabitants for their future. Your generous donations will be allocated to the costs of searching, moving and restoring any cultural heritage damaged by this natural catastrophe. With your donations and sympathy, the people in these regions will be able to heal their grief and start a new, hopeful life.
Thank you in advance for your generous support.

May, 2011
Miyata Ryohei
President of The Foundation for Cultural Heritage and Art Research